Friday, November 12, 2010

A non-businessy/photoish update

Where the heck have I been these past few months, you ask? Very busy at my full-time job and with Mandizzle! I've also been having fun outside of work...I will tell the story quickly and through photos...and I PROMISE - from now on, I will be blogging more!

September 19 - Browns Home Opener
My Dad surprised my Mom and I with season tickets for the Brownies this year after skipping last year. No pics, and the Browns lost...but still exciting! (No pics, sorrrrry)

September 24 - Mega 80's
My friends and I once again visited the Cleveland House of Blues to see our favorite 80's cover band. It's basically the most fun you can have in 2 hours for $15.

My gals Kate & Steph and me. Notice the sweet Dizzles.

Our shoes. I'm obvi wearing the pink Chuck T's.

October 3 - Browns vs. Bengals

So fun...Browns first win of the 2010 season and any excuse for my parents to drive up and visit me makes me happy! As a bonus, my Grandma and nephew visited me as well. Yay!

Pregame photo shoot

Mom, Dad and I excited after the win!

Three of my favorite boys - Coop, Charlie, and Bradon taking a snooze at my house

October 9 - First visit to a bar in my 'hood
So I live in Tremont. For those of you not familiar with Cleveland, Tremont is located about 3 minutes from downtown Cleveland and is a really cool, little, artsy neighborhood. There are so many great restaurants and bars...and I'd never gone to a bar even though they are all 2 minutes (on foot) away from my house. My poor brother had to put up with me and his lovely girlfriend Kiley while we had a few delicious drinks at The Treehouse. A church-step photo shoot took place after...needless to say, it was fun.
A tiny piece of our church photo shoot

October 10 - Browns vs. Falcons

Let's rewind really quickly. When Kiley, Brant and I got home from the bar, Ki and I started Dizzling our Browns shirts up for the game. We were up until 4am and had rhinestones and glue stuck all over our fingers. I still have a sparkly floor and am proud to say that my seat at Browns Stadium and the backseat of my Mom's car have also been Dizzled.

Brant and meee before the game. Love my bro!
Check the sweet rhinestones!

Our fam after the game

October 14 - New ride!
FINALLY, I purchased my first new car ever. A white Honda CR-V. After a month, it's still love. :)

No, this isn't my ACTUAL car...I don't have a cool white backdrop which would fit a crossover SUV

My cousin, Kimmi and nephew, Bradon enjoying the car

October 16 - Ohio University Homecoming

I visited my college Alma mater for the first time in 5 years...and I definitely had fun. I apparently reenacted the scene from The Notebook when Rach and Ryan laid down in the middle of the brick road. Normal.

Me & Kiley at the beginning of the night (and this is the only pic that will be posted)

October 23 - The HUNT
My Dad holds a yearly fundraiser which involves a scavenger hunt in the small town I grew up in . It's such a blast and I was on a team with my brother, cousin Andy, and 2 of their friends. The night ended with me in a haunted Southern Ohio forest followed by 4am McDonald's breakfast. Again, normal. (...and again, no pics.)

October 29 - Halloween

A couple of my friends and I debated on what we should be for Halloween. We had a list of everything from 3 Lady Gagas to the JoBros. We landed on "Girls of the Decades" which ended up being a Go Go Dancer (me), a Pink Lady (my friend Meghan), and Sookie from True Blood (a girl of the future? My friend Ellen).

Me (biggest hair EVER), Ellen, & Meghan

The 2 lone "Girls of the Decades"

November 7 - Browns vs. Patriots
Not to quote the WWE, but the Browns totes laid the smack down on Tom Brady and his boys and it was amazing. (No pics)

Coming up: More Browns games and LOTS of fun new Mandizzles to soon be unveiled. Thanks for looking and listening!

Talk to you all soon!