Monday, October 26, 2009

What's it like to hold a baby lion?

((Me & Bella the Lion))

I found out last Sunday at my Mom's birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!). It wasn't a big blowout bash with circus creatures running around or anything, but it just so happens that someone we know in my hometown now owns one. Very long story. Anyway, the lion got to come over for a little bit and it was one of my the most precious things I've ever seen in my life (made me pretty sad, too, but that's a whole other post).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Am I too excited for New Moon?

Not possible. So I made this lovely vampy collage of the Twinerds that I work with. Click on the image for full vampiness. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

N.E.E.T. Mag

Have you seen the amazing online mag, N.E.E.T.? Aside from being totally awesome, it's one of the most stunning websites I've seen.

I am so flattered to have had one of my shop items picked by Stephanie, the N.E.E.T. Editor, last week when she was an Etsy Guest Curator. It makes me hip-hop-happy!

Check it out HERE {clicky}!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mandizzle blows out her first candle.

Exactly one year ago today, October 1, 2008, the Mandizzle shop officially opened it's virtual doors to the public. I can't believe it!

The year whizzed by in a blur of chiffon and flowers, and I am so fortunate for the amazing things I've learned about my creativity, the business, and myself (I'm total cheese.) Above all, I'm incredibly lucky to have had the chance to encounter all of the wonderful people who have come into my world and truly changed my life.

It's not EVEN possible for me to express how thankful I am to have all of you. I am completely overflowing with gratitude for every single person reading this and the rest of the support system which has helped me along the way.

A few quick personal notes:

My Family - I love them all so much. From my Mom and Grandma spending countless hours helping me with anything and everything, to my Dad driving hours and hours just to spend time with me (and to dogsit Cooper and the neighbor dogs
while the rest of us were at an art show), to the rest of my family spreading the word about my business and always, always, always showing unconditional love. So you all! P.S. Better thank Cooper, too. He never leaves my side - love my little furry man so much.

((We ♥ basketball. I still managed to sneak a Mandizzle in.)

My customers - I have always created, crafted, and decorated, but it wasn't until I started gaining such a loyal fan base that I realized how passionate I am about designing and sewing and simply making pretty things. I am completely obsessed with helping those who wear my designs feel
beautiful. I hope I've been able to do that with all of you wonderful ladies.

The Cleveland Handmade Family - Wow. This uber-talented and always witty bunch who have come together to form this brainstorming, marketing, promotional, support group are THE BEST. They were all SO incredibly opening and welcoming and I still can't believe that Cleveland is big enough to house all of this unprecedented talent under one skyline...but it's true, it's true!

The ETT - For all of us who ljust love that crazy little Twitter bird, we've joined together to help each other promote our Etsy shops and more. Despite the fact that most of us have never met in person,
the overwhelming support for each other is truly a beautiful thing. When the team got word that one of our dearest members, Joyce Richards, was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer, the love and selflessness shown by the team was just touching.

Kristin & Brandi at Vessels and Jewels - I am such a huge fan of these two designers/fashionistas. They've been so supportive of my work from very early-on, and I love them for that. If you are ever in New Hampshire, make sure you visit their adorable store (which is sure to have an awesome color of paint on its walls.)

Christina Edward-Hernandez - Christina, hands-down, put together the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen (and people all over the internet agree.) I am so thankful that she allowed me to design the hairwear for her wedding, and am now fortunate to call her a friend and fashion buddy. A special shoutout to Shawna Herring for taking the most beautiful photos EVER and allowing me to use them.
((Christina knows how to waaa-ork it.))

Miss "Unbeweavable" Elizabeth & the ladies at The Brightside Project - I truly believe that word-of-mouth is easily the best form of Marketing when it comes to starting a new business. Elizabeth (who has also become a great friend...she makes me laugh loud and often) and the awesome girls at The Brightside Project, have posted the most flattering re
views and opinions about my designs...and their opinions really do matter to their readers. They really breathed a new voice into my products. You can only say so much about yourself! :)

((Do NOT mess with Liz or her fantabulous hair.))

YOU - Once again, thank you so, so much. All of your love and kind words are the foundation of Mandizzle and I hope I am able to give you at least a fraction of the happiness you've given to me.

I have so many fun things in store for the coming months. Within a few weeks, I will not only be unveiling tons of new designs, but also an expanded product line including more jewelery and clothing. YAY!

Most exciting of all, the new will be opening up in a few weeks. SO EXCITED.

Thanks again - it's been a great year!

♥Stay Pretty,