Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This week's B-word Bachelor Bullet Points (and a Mandizzle Giveaway!)

Before I begin this heartwarming post, I want you all to enter the Mandizzle Giveaway on my gal Lizzie's blog - http://www.itsunbeweavable.com/. She is having a week long giveaway extravaganza and you can win something from my shop and some other gorg items as well.

On with my Bitchy Bachelor Bullet Points:
  • Dear Jake. Give.it.the.f.up with the motorcycle. That's probably not even you riding it! You're telling me you rode that thing all the way down the California coast? Sure you did, you are scared of heights and you are clearly too high above the ocean to feel comfortable on that ride.
  • This episode revolved around the girls taking buses (a la Rock of Love) down the California Coast to different outdoor locations that fit "the real Jake." As if I wouldn't have already bolted, I would have refused to take this trip. I hate road trips, I hate buses. No.

Gia's Date:
  • The first stop on the road trip is a pretty vineyard where Jake declares that he can't think of a better place to fall in love. Hmm...yep, I can. Anywhere inside probably. I bet mosquitoes are pretty bad at night there, and I can't deal with mosquites.
  • No to the Hide and Seek scene.
  • Gia and Jake play a super-fun game of Spin the Bottle and Surprise! The bottle lands on Gia! Shocking! Right before they start to kiss, Gia says "This is our first kiss." WHO DOES THAT? I shouted that out loud, don't worry.
  • In all fairness, Gia is really pretty and seems like she is nice. I like her. Oh, and when she declared her plans for the future, she said she wanted kids (including an adopted Chinese baby girl) and a pig. She had me at pig.
  • When Gia declared that she hadn't felt like this in "a year and a half" (which obviously isn't a long period of time), I was so relieved. Finally, a girl not gushing about how this is the most in love she's ever been in her entire life!
  • ...and the date closes with a moving instrumental rendition of what else but...On the Wings of Loveeeee!

The Group Date:

  • This date actually looked really fun. I would have fun dune buggying and sand surfing.

  • I don't have much to say about this date except I'm pretty much obsessed with that pink wall in the room Tenley was in. Oh, and how could I forget Ashleigh saying she doesn't want to come across as desperate, yet she is basically trying to dry hump little Jakey during their one-on-one time. I could see her butt cheeks. About that.

  • Tenley gets the rose. Good - she is cute and sweet.
  • End scene...this time with a jazzy remix of OTWOL. They are writing Joel McHale's material for him.

2-on-1 Date (Ella and Kathryn):

  • Before I get into this, let me say how much I appreciate the dramatic direction the producers give these girls. "Hey Ella, go deeply reflect alone on the beach...but hey, we are going to shine this bright-ass light on you and film the whole thing. Make sure you think about what you are going to say in your voiceover while you're reflecting on how you might go home tomorrow."
  • This date was boring. SO obvious that he was going to send them both home. He had zero chemistry with either of them and was outright bored the whole time. Oh yeah, and they showed him burning the rose in that plaid shirt with the elbow patches (what are those for, anyway?). He is terrible at acting like he likes these girls...which is refreshing because douchey Brad Womack was just in love with all of them (and picked none of them.)
  • The actual rose burning scene was truly amazing. I was laughing like I was watching Superbad or something. The acting they are making Jake do is so hilarious.

A few notes on Ali:

  • I think I'm off of Team Ali. I get it that she doesn't like Tisdale and Tisdale sucks or whatever, but why does she feel like it is her duty to be so mean about it?
  • When Ali mentioned that if she went on the 2-on-1 date, and she had to take one for the team, she would...because she was sure she'd come back with the rose.
  • She is just so all-knowing and I'm over it.

The Rose Ceremony:

  • The rogue footage of Jake looking for Chris Harrison was awesome. I wish they would do a special episode of completely rogue footage.
  • Not surprised at all about who went home.
  • Again, annoyed with Ali being such a B at the end. Hopefully, just the way they are making her look.

Alright...sorry to go on and on, but this episode was just toooo good.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Poppies! Vote Mandizzle!

The Handmade World's virtual answer to the Grammies...The POPPIES! A fun awards ceremony for the Handmade Community, and I have been so graciously nominated!
Check out the beautiful site while you're there!
Thanks, friends!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pilots are apparently afraid of heights.

This is going to be short because I have been in bed all day (sore throat, achey, bleh) which affects my ability to think straight about issues as complex as The Bach.

Starting with Ashley Tisdale (Vienna)'s 1-on-1 date:
  • Producers, please stop making these girls spend hours on their hair and then put them on the back of that bike forcing them to have helmet hair. Let's be honest, they ride about 15 feet down the road and hop into a limo or SUV which will ultimately take them to wherever they are going.

  • A. Tisdale declares that she is in love with Jake before their date even begins. Right.

  • The date starts out as a fun helicopter ride, but takes a bad turn. The copter lands near a super-high bridge which overlooks a stream full of rocks. Tisdale learns she will be bungee jumping from this bridge. F YOU, later. Seriously, no way.

  • Jake soon admits "I'm terrified of heights." You're a pilot. He wasn't lying, though. I thought he was going to have a heart attack or start crying before they jumped (both of which I would have done.)

  • ...but the jump happens, and is topped off with a Spiderman-esque upside down kiss. Jake mentioned that he'd never had a first kiss like this before. I'd surely hope not.

  • After the date, Tisdale declares that she's on Cloud Jake. Lame. Even lamer: "Jake's my Prince Charming. He's it. He's the real thing. " LAMEST: "This has been the best time of my life so far. The best day of my life will be when I marry Jake."

  • These chics really hate Vienna. They aren't showing why she is so deserving of the hatred, though.

  • Ali is really starting to bug me with her know-it-all, but I'm so sweet, 'tude. She also felt betrayed that Jake was going on another solo date with Vienna. Guess she thought the show was over.

Michelle will now get her own set of bullet points:

  • "I see myself as very attractive." - Michelle (We see you as psycho. Hopefully, the producers are just making you look that way).

  • "Our first kiss will be different. Soft, passionate, crazy, rippin' the clothes off." - Michelle

  • Did you catch the coconuts joke? About them being on her waiting for Jake? WTF.

  • "I'm not over dramatic or emotional. I really, really want a husband." Yep, we got that...and you're only 25.

  • After forcing herself onto Jake, she is upset that he didn't kiss her enough. Eventually she leaves before the rose ceremony and is quite upset because "everybody felt, certain people felt I was the girl." Sure they did.

  • With Michelle's departure...there goes the entertainment...but, I'll still watch.

The rest of the comedy date:

  • Stupid and boring.
  • Girls being catty.
  • More of Ali being a sweet know-it-all.
  • Tenley is really pretty.

Ella's date:

  • Not much to say outside of the fact that she wants she and Jake to be the next Trista and Ryan.
  • Don't think I need to even comment any further on this. Or anything else for that matter.


Friday, January 15, 2010

An Etsy Shopping Post

As some of you may know, I moved into a new place a month and a half ago. I am definitely still in the middle of decorating.

Fine. I'm in the beginning of decorating...the only piece of furniture I have in my living room is my beloved CHOFA (It's not a chair...not yet a sofa. I'm singing these words out loud to a beautiful Britney Spears melody. Holler.)

I need to class this place up like whoa, and I'm not EVEN kidding. I took a looksy around Etsy, browsed through my favs, and found some things I need to order immediately.

"softly ever after" - Set of 4 5x5 fine art photography prints from GabrielleKai
I actually want everything in her shop! I love the gorgeous colors - everything is so soft, and mostly pink. I am totally obsessed. Hooray!

Pic 1 - "Poppies with Dragonflies" - Wall Art from PopWall
Pic 2 - "Flower Gathering" - Wall Art from PopWall
Pic 3 - "Bloom Variety" - Wall Art from byrdiegraphics
Since I rent, I want to get a few of these in different designs to stick in my studio and my bedroom. The best thing is that you can customize them in your choice of colors as well. There are so many of these I want, too!

"Pink and Green Crystal Leaf Spiral Chandelier" from PinkPerch
This is probably meant for a baby's room...but I want to see it hanging in my house.

"Tiffany's Blooms" - Wood Artwork by curiousmess
I have started prettying up my studio in pink and aqua. This would be a perfect match.

Finally...something I've already purchased and can't wait for them to show up in my mailbox.

"Pink, Indubitably" - Paper Poms from PomLove
I got 10 of these in a mix of pinks, aquas, and white. Can't wait to get them! I think I mentioned that already.

Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I know they didn't just play "On the Wings of Love"...

Time for another edition of Mandi's Bitchy Bachelor Bulletpoints

  • I'm going to start this off by saying 3 important words. Butt. Crack. Rose. Am I the only one who noticed this? Jake went to give the precious Rozlyn her group date rose and he stuck the rose right in his butt crack. Eew. There are too many easy jokes that I want to make...but I will spare you.
  • The InStyle Photoshoot. Cute little segment. I felt bad for the Christina chic. You could tell that she felt super awkward, but, she really doesn't seem like that nice of a girl...or maybe she really was just uncomfortable.

  • Jake "chose" to take Ali on the first alone date of the season. The magical producers played "On the Wings of Love," Ali cried, it was just beautiful. Not. She does seem like a genuine girl, though, so I'm glad she's happy. Do I think she should be crying and saying she wants to marry this dude after one date? Absolutely not.
  • I love the makeshift headboards in the bachelorettes bedrooms. I love that fabric and almost bought it a few months ago. It's so pretty. Nobody has a clue what I'm talking about, so I will stop.
  • Vienna looks like Ashley Tisdale.

{{Vienna on the left, Sharpay on the right}}

  • Rozlyn looks IDENTICAL to Ella from Melrose Place.

{{Rozlyn on the left, Ella from Melrose on the right.}}

  • What was that letter that Elizabeth wrote? Eek. She is being portrayed as a B now, too.

  • Michelle? Crazy. For reals.
  • My Mom called me after the show and said after she saw the preview, she thought that Rozlyn was having an affair with another girl in the house. I must admit that I first thought that as well. Would have made for much better tv and that poor guy could've kept his job. I'm hearing now that Rozlyn just wanted to see her kid and they wouldn't let her. No matter what, I blame the producers.
  • Any new thoughts on who I think he will pick? I'm going to stick with my original three. I'm not feeling the girl named Ella on the show (not to be confused with Ella from Melrose Place lookalike, Rozlyn), but I think he likes her.

Alright done. Thoughts?


Monday, January 11, 2010

Just bought 'em...

I haven't been buying much for myself lately...and by that I mean I haven't been buying clothes or shoes or makeup or any of those fun things. I went to get my hair done today (it was baaad...my stylist said she was going to call me and make sure I was ok!) I thought I might as well roll over to DS-DUB just to look around.

Of course they had these booties that I've been scouring the web looking for. I originally wanted them in purple, but they didn't have the purps in my size...so I went with black leathery-look instead. They are still beautimous if I may say so! These look just like them...just a different material.

Madden Girl Raleigh Bootie {{pic via Shoemall}}

I also picked up these flats because my current silver flats are getting gaaroosss. The color of these shoes? DRIZZLE. Like I could pass that up!

Rocket Dog Memories Flat {{pic via Zappos}}

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can we talk about The Bachelor for a second?

Alright, I'll admit it...I love The Bach & The Bachelorette.

I've been a faithful watcher almost every season (I skipped Bob and Byron...most of Charlie, too), even though I understand it's fuh-ake. My friends and I at work even had a Bachelor Fantasy Draft during captain DB Brad Womack's Season. It was like fantasy football, only awesome. Nobody won since Brad decided that neither Deanna or Jenni were good enough for him. That's fine.

So, skip ahead to this wonderful season...I want to talk about it's amazingness for a minute. I'm gonna have to break out the bullet points fo real.
  • This season is appropriately titled "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love." Cheese CHEESE CHEESE. The Bachelor, Jake, is a pilot...how cute and quirky is that title? CHEESE.
  • The first episode opened last night with a shot of Jake doing push ups and jumping rope on a rooftop next to an infinity pool. It appears that he is in Dubai, but the show claims he is in LA.
  • Chris Harrison - who I really do love - claims that this will be the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever. I'm shocked, I really am. I wonder if the most dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history will take place this season as well...say, maybe every week?
Now onto the ladies.
  • WHY do the producers insist that they all have these gimmicks when they meet The Bach? Every single girl had to say something so dumb. I especially enjoyed the below exchange:

"Close your eyes, picture your favorite place, where is it?" - Chic

"Right here, right now." - Jake

"Oh, mine is snowboarding." - Chic

How insightful.

  • Where do the girls find these dresses? I really want to know, where would you even start looking for something like that? The one girl had boxes and boxes of them that her mother had been sending her.

  • Just how many spokes models are there in the world?
  • Thankfully the producers didn't cut out the best line in the whole show. When 29-year old Channy whispered something to Jake in Cambodian, I thought it would be another corny airplane line. Well, it was an airplane line, however, not corny. "You can land your plane on my landing strip anytime." Thank you, Channy. We will miss you.
  • Who would I pick as my early favorites? Uhm, this is going to be tough since I kind of tuned out after that girl walked into the room in that Frederick's of Hollywood Flight Attendant costume. Anyway, at this point I will say Ali, Elizabeth from Nebraska, and Tenley. As for who is having an affair with someone in the Bach house who is not Jake? Gia or Rozlyn. Jake probably likes Rozlyn. I will give a more accurate assessment next week.

Thanks for listening to my rant.


Saturday, January 2, 2010