Friday, January 15, 2010

An Etsy Shopping Post

As some of you may know, I moved into a new place a month and a half ago. I am definitely still in the middle of decorating.

Fine. I'm in the beginning of decorating...the only piece of furniture I have in my living room is my beloved CHOFA (It's not a chair...not yet a sofa. I'm singing these words out loud to a beautiful Britney Spears melody. Holler.)

I need to class this place up like whoa, and I'm not EVEN kidding. I took a looksy around Etsy, browsed through my favs, and found some things I need to order immediately.

"softly ever after" - Set of 4 5x5 fine art photography prints from GabrielleKai
I actually want everything in her shop! I love the gorgeous colors - everything is so soft, and mostly pink. I am totally obsessed. Hooray!

Pic 1 - "Poppies with Dragonflies" - Wall Art from PopWall
Pic 2 - "Flower Gathering" - Wall Art from PopWall
Pic 3 - "Bloom Variety" - Wall Art from byrdiegraphics
Since I rent, I want to get a few of these in different designs to stick in my studio and my bedroom. The best thing is that you can customize them in your choice of colors as well. There are so many of these I want, too!

"Pink and Green Crystal Leaf Spiral Chandelier" from PinkPerch
This is probably meant for a baby's room...but I want to see it hanging in my house.

"Tiffany's Blooms" - Wood Artwork by curiousmess
I have started prettying up my studio in pink and aqua. This would be a perfect match.

Finally...something I've already purchased and can't wait for them to show up in my mailbox.

"Pink, Indubitably" - Paper Poms from PomLove
I got 10 of these in a mix of pinks, aquas, and white. Can't wait to get them! I think I mentioned that already.

Have a great Friday!


brooke said...

lady i love all of these!!!! but i really really love the wood work aqua artwork!!! i am definitely thinking i need to swing by her place and pick up some much needed wall decor!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful blog! Love your hair accessories xxx

Ms. P said...

I actually never thought of Etsy for decorating! I LOVE this stuff! Perhaps I shall spruce up my abode. Thanks for the idea :)

Juniper said...

I have been wanting to get wall art pieces for some time now. I hesitate because I know nothing of their usage- I'd hate to have to move and not be able to use them again. They are lovely, though!

Your blog is lovely!

Amber said...

Ooooh pretty finds! You must share pictures of your poms when you get them hung!

Stacy said...

This is all so pretty! And I'm loving your blog. Am now a follower :-)