Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I know they didn't just play "On the Wings of Love"...

Time for another edition of Mandi's Bitchy Bachelor Bulletpoints

  • I'm going to start this off by saying 3 important words. Butt. Crack. Rose. Am I the only one who noticed this? Jake went to give the precious Rozlyn her group date rose and he stuck the rose right in his butt crack. Eew. There are too many easy jokes that I want to make...but I will spare you.
  • The InStyle Photoshoot. Cute little segment. I felt bad for the Christina chic. You could tell that she felt super awkward, but, she really doesn't seem like that nice of a girl...or maybe she really was just uncomfortable.

  • Jake "chose" to take Ali on the first alone date of the season. The magical producers played "On the Wings of Love," Ali cried, it was just beautiful. Not. She does seem like a genuine girl, though, so I'm glad she's happy. Do I think she should be crying and saying she wants to marry this dude after one date? Absolutely not.
  • I love the makeshift headboards in the bachelorettes bedrooms. I love that fabric and almost bought it a few months ago. It's so pretty. Nobody has a clue what I'm talking about, so I will stop.
  • Vienna looks like Ashley Tisdale.

{{Vienna on the left, Sharpay on the right}}

  • Rozlyn looks IDENTICAL to Ella from Melrose Place.

{{Rozlyn on the left, Ella from Melrose on the right.}}

  • What was that letter that Elizabeth wrote? Eek. She is being portrayed as a B now, too.

  • Michelle? Crazy. For reals.
  • My Mom called me after the show and said after she saw the preview, she thought that Rozlyn was having an affair with another girl in the house. I must admit that I first thought that as well. Would have made for much better tv and that poor guy could've kept his job. I'm hearing now that Rozlyn just wanted to see her kid and they wouldn't let her. No matter what, I blame the producers.
  • Any new thoughts on who I think he will pick? I'm going to stick with my original three. I'm not feeling the girl named Ella on the show (not to be confused with Ella from Melrose Place lookalike, Rozlyn), but I think he likes her.

Alright done. Thoughts?



Ashley said...

HAHA love this post. I was definitely grossed out by the buttcrack rose. Not cool.

And yes, I think Vienna looks like Ash Tisdale too... only cross-eyed and a little beat.

Isn't Elisabeth the oldest one there?? Why is she being a 12 year old and writing notes? Do like like me? Check yes or no. Gimme a break.

Oh and US Weekly posted a pic of the guy Rozlyn apparently had "relations" with... I won't spoil it for you, but you should check him out.

Until next week!

Amber said...

I read Reality Steve's spoiler post and I totally believe he knows his stuff so I now basically know who goes and in what order all the way to the end. SO. I'm no longer forced to watch the ridiculosity, I can now check in and read your HI-larious recaps! It's a win for me all around! Oh and re: Vienna, my husband says he likes "ol' Vienna Sausage" so I can't look at her without giggling.

S.I.F. said...

I love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I seriously don't even know why I watch this stupid show anymore after realizing how played out it all was Jason's season (a season which I, FYI, tried out for and made it to the second to last round... pretty sure I dodged a bullet there!) If you ever want to really see how involved the producers are, go checkout realitysteve. He calls stuff like weeks in advance (predicted the whole Jason/Molly thing before they even taped the after the final rose) and has some kind of insiders information. I really started losing faith in the show after I started reading him, yet here I am, still viewing... What is wrong with me?!?!

S.I.F. said...

And I just realized the girl above me mentioned Reality Steve, so score one for me for being original. Also, I've thought Vienna looked like Ashley Tisdale since second 1! OK, I'm going now...

Mandizzle said...

I know, I have been trying to stay away from Reality Steve this time around...we are only 3 weeks in. Let's see how long that lasts. :)