Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can we talk about The Bachelor for a second?

Alright, I'll admit it...I love The Bach & The Bachelorette.

I've been a faithful watcher almost every season (I skipped Bob and Byron...most of Charlie, too), even though I understand it's fuh-ake. My friends and I at work even had a Bachelor Fantasy Draft during captain DB Brad Womack's Season. It was like fantasy football, only awesome. Nobody won since Brad decided that neither Deanna or Jenni were good enough for him. That's fine.

So, skip ahead to this wonderful season...I want to talk about it's amazingness for a minute. I'm gonna have to break out the bullet points fo real.
  • This season is appropriately titled "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love." Cheese CHEESE CHEESE. The Bachelor, Jake, is a pilot...how cute and quirky is that title? CHEESE.
  • The first episode opened last night with a shot of Jake doing push ups and jumping rope on a rooftop next to an infinity pool. It appears that he is in Dubai, but the show claims he is in LA.
  • Chris Harrison - who I really do love - claims that this will be the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever. I'm shocked, I really am. I wonder if the most dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history will take place this season as well...say, maybe every week?
Now onto the ladies.
  • WHY do the producers insist that they all have these gimmicks when they meet The Bach? Every single girl had to say something so dumb. I especially enjoyed the below exchange:

"Close your eyes, picture your favorite place, where is it?" - Chic

"Right here, right now." - Jake

"Oh, mine is snowboarding." - Chic

How insightful.

  • Where do the girls find these dresses? I really want to know, where would you even start looking for something like that? The one girl had boxes and boxes of them that her mother had been sending her.

  • Just how many spokes models are there in the world?
  • Thankfully the producers didn't cut out the best line in the whole show. When 29-year old Channy whispered something to Jake in Cambodian, I thought it would be another corny airplane line. Well, it was an airplane line, however, not corny. "You can land your plane on my landing strip anytime." Thank you, Channy. We will miss you.
  • Who would I pick as my early favorites? Uhm, this is going to be tough since I kind of tuned out after that girl walked into the room in that Frederick's of Hollywood Flight Attendant costume. Anyway, at this point I will say Ali, Elizabeth from Nebraska, and Tenley. As for who is having an affair with someone in the Bach house who is not Jake? Gia or Rozlyn. Jake probably likes Rozlyn. I will give a more accurate assessment next week.

Thanks for listening to my rant.



Kristin said...

Seriously?? That is what I missed out. A landing strip mention. Crap.

Amber said...

If I had any say in the matter, I would be sitting this season out. Jake is so lame. But my BFF has threatened me with bodily harm if I don't watch it because she wants us to be able to discuss it every week. Fine, whatever. I'll watch. The things I do for that girl!

I thought the dirt rubbed in the palm to signify their "common ground" was rather special but in my opinion the one who "fell" into his arms took the prize for gimmicky intros. That fall was way too graceful to be real.

If nothing else, this season will be good for lots of snorts and eye rolling. Can't wait!


Jenny DB said...

oh, mine is snowboarding:) i dont watch this "cheese" but this post makes me wana. sounds ridiculous. those are some hideous dresses, for real.. i wonder if they have to wear certain colors or whatever to be eclectic..?? weirdness.

Rasha said...

I love Tenly... she is cute... and I agree, its pretty weird they say the weirdest thing.

New follower... enjoy reading more.

Mandizzle said...

Kristen - it was amazing!
Amber - agree with you on Jake. Bring back Graham!
Jenny - PLEASE watch, for the cheese alone.
Rasha - Welcome! :)