Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chiming in on the Bach...

Alright, so the moment that Melissa Rycroft stepped out of the limo on the first episode of the Bachelor, I basically screamed.

Melissa is my favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader of all-time. Is it weird that I have one of those? Yes, maybe. She is my favorite because she was so cute and fun on the reality show. When the DCC's visited Cleveland for a Lake Erie Monsters game last year, I was super excited - but unhappy that Melissa didn't come. See below for an example of my friend Stephanie and I in one of our many stalkerazzi photographs. :)

Anyway, I totally knew that she would "win," but what a Doucheschnoggle Jason is for dumping her. Oh well, I don't think they were a great fit anyway...he is probably a nice guy - but not that nice if he did that to her on national television. Also, some of my friends brought up a great point...why does everyone run at him and basically attack him when they see him? He must smell like chocolate or something.

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