Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Mandizzle "I Want List" - #1

So, I will never get most of these things (maybe a nail polish...or two), but I can still want them, right?


Cool Stuff

#1 - Gypsy Chandelier - $139 - Dutch by Design//I.need.this.

#2 - Tropical Bracelet - $12 - erinkeys @etsy//This just puts me in a good mood.

#3 - Brights by OPI Nailpolishes - Atomic Orange/Gargantuan Green Grape/Blue My Mind/Need Sunglasses?/Charge Up Cherry - $8.50 and lower - OPI

#4 - murasaki dress - $350 - mutsuko @etsy

#5 - Oh Snap - $69 - hotellemotelle @etsy//I've wanted this for a few months. It's so adorable.

#6 - Porcelain Cup and Saucer - $23 - tip-top living//Ok, so I would probably sit this on my desk and drink water out of it, but I would look fairly classy doing it.

#7 - The Original PETaPOTTY - from $199 -'m the worst dog-trainer ever. My dog is almost a year old and is still doing his business on the carpet. Well, this would totally solve my problem. Or I could let him out more.

#8 - Chuck Taylor All Star by Converse - Pink/Carolina -$45 - Zappos//You can never have too many pair of these babies.


Pink Papaya Erin said...

Great picks! Thanks for including my Tropical Bracelet. Love the bright colors in that Chandeleir!
Erin Keys

equivoque said...

love the rosebud beads

Anonymous said...

That lighting fixture rocks socks. And I gotta say, I love that uber-bright nail polish but I never like it on myself. Makes me feel like something's growing.

kellyssima said...

I love the chandelier!!!!