Thursday, August 27, 2009

This made me smile!

I recently received this message from one of my customers in Spain. It is SO CUTE, because she doesn't speak much English, but she still took the time to use an online translator to send me her note. What a sweet, sweet person. I will definitely be saving this one!

Hello Mandi,
I write to you with an automatic translator, because my level of English is of most basic, so I hope that you understand to me.
Your flower has arrived to me and it has seemed me a wonder. I am very contented with her and I am the envy of all the friendly have seen that it. Equal arrives more asking to you from my city, jaja. The unique problem is that I have the very small head and I have had to him to put a little tape, like a finger and means, more or less.
I put me the other day in the previous celebration to the wedding of my friend and was the sensation, so thanks again. It is possible that in September or October it requests another one to you, because fodder to collect them. Very many kisses and thanks again.


Patty Ann said...

what a sweet message! i had a similar experience with someone from mexico and the effort alone to translate was much appreciated.

Annie said...

aw, that is too cute!