Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just some updates...

I am always a busy girl, but this past week has been exceptionally hectic. So, how about a day-by-day update? :)

1.29 - Gave a presentation which drained the life out of me. I HATE public speaking (who really likes it), but I made it through and have lived to tell about it.

1.30 - The best 80's coverband ever - MEGA 80's - was at House of Blues. My friends and I have seen them in concert three times in the past 9 months. We've been waiting for them to revisit for 3 or so months, so I was totally excited for Friday night. I got all "glammed" up in a borrowed, yet authentic, 80's dress (I looked like a prom nightmare) and headed to the show. I sat in traffic for an hour, and missed the first half of the set. I still got to take in an 1.5 hours of awesomeness, and that is plenty for me. I was so tired and out-of-breath from dancing that I was ready to go home!

1.31 - Not much to report here...I got my hair done, ate at Bob Evans, and saw Mall Cop. I must say that it was a let down. I thought it would actually be decent since Kevin James is hilarious, but the movie was kind of ehh. Definitely no Twilight. :) When I got home Saturday night, I started getting this weird feeling (totally unrlelated to Twilight or Mall Cop).


2.1 - I slept in until 6:00pm, so I kind of knew something was wrong (obviously). I finally got out of bed and watched the Super Bowl with Scott. He and I both entered a Squares pool at work. I was literally thinking "I just contribute to the winner of these things." the end of the first quarter I won $33, so I was definitely satisfied. I went downstiars and started cleaning and sewing, while watching the game. With 2 minutes left, Scott came screaming down the stairs telling me that if Pittsburgh scored, I would be the big winner. So, even though I'm a BROWNS fan - I can thank the Steelers for making me $600 richer (well, kind of. The money has already gone toward a bill). I really did want the Cardinals to win, I felt bad for them...but the Electric company is probably happy to have my money! That night, before going to bed, the weird pain came back - I had pretty much figured out that I had a kidney infection.

2.2 - When I woke up on Monday, I felt like total crap. I was so uncomfortable, and everyone at work urged me to go to the doc. After 3 hours in the ER, I was sent home with meds (even the ones that turn the pee orange - makes me laugh everytime.)

2.3/2.4 - Have been home in bed resting and working from home. Kidney infections are so draining, I'm just really tired! I know that this could be a lot worse, and I'm very thankful it's not.

So...that's it. :)

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Feel better soon!