Monday, April 6, 2009

Final Four - Semi's.

I HAVE to get in bed, but here are a few photos from the Semifinals of the Final Four. It was so awesome to be able to not only go to the Final Four, but to go with my family AND see Carolina play...and win!
Mom and I posing with one of the first Carolina signs we saw.
BDid and I getting ready to go in!
Brant, Mom, me and Dad
The tip.
Final Score
...and finally. Peanut the Dog.


byrheea said...

Looks like someone just had an exciting weekend. ;) OOoooh...The last pic is sooOoO CUTE! Hello Peanut!!! :D


Liz said...

Great pics!

I added you to my favorite blogs... hope this is ok!


Mandizzle said...

Thanks Rheea - it was so fun!

Liz, of course it's ok! I added you to mine as well!