Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final Four - Championship Game!

Ok wow. I went back to Detroit on Monday to watch Carolina in the championship. I never ever dreamed I'd be able to do this. It was so, I got to see One Shining Moment live...starring the Heels! A few photos from the awesome experience:

Scott and I before the game...I talked him into wearing Carolina Blue. :) My friend from work, Jason, and me. Jason is a MSU grad, so it was interesting that we were sitting beside each other. My friend Jeff and me. This was his first "real" college basketball game. I'm pretty sure it can only go downhill from here...unless they start giving out money to the fans or something.Larry Bird and Magic Johnson handed over the game ballThe Starting 5 The Tip MJ was inducted into the basketball HOF at halftime. John Stockton, David Robinson and a few others were there to be inducted as well.Cut to the end...CAROLINA - NATIONAL CHAMPS!Yay Wayne! MVP!

I made sure that Ray Ray was there in some form. That's my lucky Carolina shirt.

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