Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Before the day ends, I wanted to officially wish my little furry bundle a Happy 1st Birthday! Love you, Coopie!


Anonymous said...

Awww... how cute! Happy Birthday Cooper! Do you like older women? My Mika is just over 2 now. Half Papillon and half Shih Tzu... So really she's half French and half Chinese...exotic isn't she?! lol

Anonymous said...

Happiest Birthday Cutie Cooper!!

Mandizzle said...

Christina - I just saw her photo. She is ADORABLE. Cooper doesn't care if she is a Cougar! :)

Delicious - Cooper wants me to tell you thanks!

José said...


Pets are a great company and like children, they also bring great joy into home.
He's cute.

Kind regards,


DaP said...

OH EM GE your doogggy is soo cute imma haave my dog on the blog too soon lol his name is peek a boo loli know im late but i jus had ta say hes cuteeee =D

xoxo p i n k

Mandizzle said...

Aww, thank you! Cooper thanks you, too! :)