Thursday, March 4, 2010

Super Late Bachelor Post

Argh - friendies I'm so sorry about my absence. I have had 2 crazy busy (in a good way) Dizzle and full-time job work weeks (obvi if I can't take find time to post about The Bach.)

Anyhow, I'm going to write up a quick recap about what I can remember from The Women Tell All through After the Final Rose (I know this is so 2 days ago, but I wouldn't feel right about not wrapping up this magical season.)

Women Tell All

This was just good ol' tv. Starting off with the Bachelor reunion was just brilliant if you ask me. I mean, I seriously can't wait for that amazingness.
  • Let's start with the Reunion segment.

  • Erica that wears the crown? Yes. Thank you for being on this show. You could have your own show, so the Bachelor reunion is sure to be a hit. She looked a lot like Tisdale a few years ago in her Bach days...and she's a judge? Uhm, wow.

  • Gwen - I loved her. She was so cute. Happy to see her.

  • A personal side note...if I showed up to this reunion show and Graham wasn't a part of it...I'd leave immediately. For reals.

  • Wes - Tool.

  • Matt Grant - He's cute...I like his accent.

  • Deanna - No. You're doing this? No.


  • Juan - Creepy.

  • Bettina - Loved her. I actually originally picked her as the winner of Brad's winnerless season. Actually, they all won because he didn't pick them.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the segment when they were handing out bags of food and Shayne was still dressed slutty.

  • On to the "We Hate Rozlyn" segment.

  • Ashleigh planned her fall. "Good thing he's a good catch." C'mon Chris Harrison. You are so much better than that.

  • When the girls were talking about Tenley, I was laughing so hard. "She shits rainbows." "She floats on twinkle toes and dreams in cartoons." HAHA

  • Michelle - The Bachelor is not the real way to find love. Oh, thanks for that wisdom. You still scare me, but Elizabeth shouldn't have been picking on you. Oh, and're offended by the comment that the Bach isn't the real way to find love? I wonder why, oh, because they are paying you to be on the show. Annoying, be quiet.

  • Out comes Rozlyn. I don't think I really need to speak on this subject. Everything was awesome...especially when Rozlyn admitted that the dude she isn't having an affair with (sure) has a wife (nice.)

  • Uhm, yes I will watch the atrocity that is Jason and Molly's wedding. It's probably actually really pretty...and I have a girl crush on Melissa so I'm still pretty bitter.

  • When Jake decides to come out and use the line "MY HEART WAS CRYING" to Ali. No. DOUBLE U TEE EFF. Never say that again.

  • Jake said that he wanted to get to know Christina better...I think she was my least fav on the show...but I also think she kind of had low self-esteem so I shouldn't be such a b.

  • Finally, I love Corrie because she farted.


Alright. I was sitting at my desk at work during the entire 3 hours of the finale and After the Final Rose. This is going to be as short as the skirts I used to wear in college (seriously, what was I thinking?)

  • Shocking that Jake's family loved Tenley.

  • Shocking that Jake's family didn't like Tisdale (and then pretended to like her later.)

  • Uhm, I could barely watch the last chance dates. When Tisdale wrote "I love you" in sand or mud or whatever dirt that was, yuck. I can't take stuff like that.

  • Tenley looked beauiful when Jake rejected her. She was WAY to nice. I'm sitting at my desk with a few others I work with screaming "DOUCHEBAG" and "F U" at the tv, just because he was crying and pulling Mesnicks left and right. Eew.

  • Tisdale's win? I really couldn't watch. I was photoshopping something for work on my computer and listening to the groans going on around me. I mean he proposed to her. At least they played OTWOL.

  • After the Final Rose...Tenley again too nice and level-headed.

  • More of me yelling "douche." One of my bosses suggested that the show needs someone like me to tell this dude how it really is. I wouldn't last past the first round.

  • I find it hard to believe that Jake and Tisdale are still together. Honestly, they aren't, right?

  • Best part? The show embracing OTWOL and bring Jeffrey Osborne onto the show. Thank you for that.

  • Final thoughts? I don't have any. I don't like that Ali is the next Bach, but I will still watch. I don't have any feelings about Jake's decision because he's a turd and this show is fake anyway. Again, I will still be watching and writing when the Bachelorette starts.

Your opinions, please?



Corinne said...

I'm with you in being grossed out about the results. But whatever. In my mind I think, "Well, if they want to live their lives acting like 5 year olds forever, go at it. Idiots." I'm all for some "young heartedness" but come on. I have mixed feelings about Ali, I have to admit I thought she was slightly bitchy, but I liked her (I know, it's awful). But I don't think it's right she come back as the Bachelorette...come on. There has got to be something odd about that girl if she can't get a date. hmmm
I loved your weekly wrap-ups! Can't wait for the next season to start! (what will I watch until then?)

Summer said...

Oh my gosh...I ADORE your posts about the Bachelor!!! You keep me in stitches, girl!

Summer said...

Ok...I am kind of hating you a little right now...because now, I cannot get OTWOL out of my head. It's repeating over and over and over and over....ugh...You'll pay for this....


misss_e said...

I knew he was going to pick I didnt even bother to watch. Will watch the bach'ette though.