Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rope Me In!

The Ropey was one of the first pieces I created. It's so chic, functional and versatile that it has become a customer favorite.

So, what would I wear with the ropey? Just about anything...but right now I'm really feeling this look for end of summer/early fall.

Laura Lace Dress - Delia's

Winnie Boot (I need these) - Coconuts via DSW

Richelle - Zoya via eNail Supply

Have a great Wednesday!


1 comment:

Cyndi M. Kenney said...

Really appreciable daily outfit by this blogger. Looking awesome. Perfect color and standard choice. I have checked out all of them are really beautiful and trustworthy. The dress, boot and nail-polish are looking amazing. I think everybody will prefer it.....