Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day isn't so bad...

So many people talk about hating Valentine's Day. Yes, I'm a single gal this VDay, but so what? There is pink everywhere and flowers and chocolates are being given out all over. I definitely don't hate that.

Valentine's Day is a holiday about love, and I was surrounded by those that I love this weekend.

Below are a few pics of the the gorgeous tulips(they're my fav) my Mom and Dad sent me on Friday. They made me so happy.
Yesterday, my Mom, Grandma and nephew drove up to visit with me over the weekend. Spending time with a lot more fun and meaningful than waiting around in some crowded restaurant with some dude I barely know.
For those of you with a loved one who truly appreciates you, good for you. For those of you who are single like me, I hope you were able to talk with or spend the day with friends, family, or anyone that makes you feel special. Man, I am really deep today! :)
I hope everyone had a great day.
P.S. I'm sure I wouldn't be so "yay, Valentine's Day" if I hadn't been able to see my family. :)
Also, praying for the family of my Mother's dear friend Kathi, who passed away today. May they find peace in the memory of this lovely lady.


Amber said...

So glad you were able to spend time with your loves! The flowers are gorgeous and the poms look great! I'd love to see more picture of them! XOXO

Summer said...

Those tulips are GORGEOUS!!! Great pics! :)

Natalie said...

Are you working on that tank top? I love it, it's so cute!